Gentlemen’s Goud #3: Heather Goodman

by CasaPantalones

Hawaii is sowieso een plek waar je ooit in je leven heen moet. Je kan er ontzettend goed surfen. De natuur in Hawaii is prachtig. En de stranden liggen, als we Instagram mogen geloven, ook altijd vol met prachtige modellen. Heather Goodman is er absoluut één van, al spendeert ze ook heel wat van haar tijd op andere mooie plekken in de wereld. Daar maken ze dan weer mooie foto’s van en is iedereen blij.

Wat we er nog vergeten bij te vertellen is dat Heather er niet super verkeerd uitziet. Sterker nog: ze is een engeltje! Check maar:

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What is true happiness to you? ✨ for me it’s having a grateful heart and knowing everything will be okay. It’s serving others and watching their eyes light up. It’s being with someone who loves and listens to you (and listening back). It’s knowing you’re in the right place, right now. Its forgetting yourself and blessing others. It’s recognizing that nothing is permanent: both the good and the bad. & for me, it’s knowing that there’s no pressure to be completely happy all of the time. Weirdly, I’ve found happiness through letting go of the idea that being happy every second is the end goal. Happiness can be fleeting, but for me true, deep joy persists beyond our circumstances and grief. I know a lot of us (myself included) seek true joy in the wrong places: validation from others, social media, material things, travel, achievements, busyness, proving ourself, the list goes on. But in my short life I’ve found only a few things that bring that true, deep joy. You know what they are: love, family (or friends who feel like family), community, kindness, dedication, commitment, service, inclusion, listening. They might seem too simple but they are the big things. When all is said and done I’m sure we won’t care much about our impressive lists of achievements, travel destinations, possessions, and business connections. It will be more about the lives we’ve touched, the lessons we’ve learned, the difference we’ve made, and who we are when we’re with the people around us. Some things have happened lately that have reminded me that very little matters beyond this. So don’t get too caught up in the wrong things. They don’t bring happiness 🙏🏼✨

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